"and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever..." Luke 1:33


Welcome to The House of Jacob Bible Study Class

The House of Jacob is a bible study class. Our mission is to teach the whole bible (Old and New Testament). We observe the ten commandments which includes the Sabbath day (7th day), as well as The Lord Feast Days (annual Sabbaths), Leviticus 23, The Dietary Law and His Cleanliness law, Leviticus 15.

We teach and faithfully believe that in order to be saved one must receive water baptism in the name of Jesus. Act 2:36-38, Acts 10:43-48, Mark 16:15-16. We also teach and believe that Jesus will return one day to establish his kingdom on earth.  Luke 1:30-33, Dan 7:13-14.

Our website is here to connect with people worldwide wanting to study the UNCUT Word of God with us. We invite you to stay connected with us through our LIVE bible classes each Sabbath day (7th day) and other social networks linked to our site.

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